Education 1Education is a key challenge for societal development in India. Many issues related to the position of women in Indian society can be traced back to education, which is why SMS addresses this issue of education is many of its programmes:

  • Adolescent Sensitization is a programme that raises awareness of women’s rights issues among young students, ask establishing the basis of a promising future, viagra buy and the values of mutual respect and gender equality
  • Day Care Centres allow working women to leave their children in a safe and uplifting environment, where they receive basic skills training
  • The Theatre and Music programme has represented plays and songs treating women’s issues, using adapted mediums to reach communities with low literacy rates and attracting the youth.
  • Our Awareness Campaigns have de with the on advocating women’s rights at every institutional level, and positioning this issue at the center of debate of the Indian society
  • Family Counseling help distressed women with issues of violence, harassment and vocational assistance,
  • OurProgramme for Wastepickers – Parisar Vikas is a complete programme addressing the problems of waste management and of self-employed women engaged in the ‘menial’ tasks of collecting waste. Through this programmes, the children of women of this community are schooled.
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