Day Care Centres (Amache Ghar)

dayCareCenterAmache Ghar… It’s like one more home for your children.

My child is my first priority… Definitely
But I don’t want to give up my job… You need not
Is there someone to take care of my
child when I am away at work?… Yes, of course!
What is it? … It is Amache Ghar

What is Amache Ghar?
It is a novel child-Care Centre existing in your own area.

What does Amache Ghar provide?
• Facilities for baby-sitting for children between the age of 3 months and 15 years on monthly basis.
• One-day Baby-sitting facilities.
• One full meal, 2 break-fasts and one cup of milk for every child staying for a full-day.
• Lady care-takers in 2 convenient shifts.
• Supervisor as connecting like between the parents, children and the care-takers.
• A cupboard full of books (Marathi/Hindi/English) for the school-goers.
• Lots of toys for the tiny tots.
• First-aid facilities for the children staying in Amache Ghar.



Today, we are witnessing a rising toll in working women, career-oriented women, women professionals and self-employed women. Still, her children and their care occupies the top position in priority list of every woman. Child-care is the major niche in emotional and family world of women. Women’s organisations have been stressing ‘every woman’s right to earn her living in her own way’ and are also endeavoring to provide adequate and suitable infrastructure which supports for achieving the rights. Child-care centres is one such effort.

Stree Mukti Sanghatana conducted an exhaustive survey in 1985-87 to find out the actual need of child-care centres in the vicinity of Mumbai City. More than 40,000 signatures were collected and an appeal (along with the survey results & signatures) for providing the basic premises was submitted to Shri Shankarrao Chavan, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra State.  The appeal was given a due consideration and Stree Mukti Sanghatana was granted permission to run two child-care Centres at Borivali and Mulund.  The requisite premises were offered by the State Government.

Novel Child-care centres were started by SMS  in 1989 at these 2 places, which set a unique pattern of child-care in the city. Gradually the centres increased to 6 in all and the 7th centre is paving its way at SMS  own building premises at Koparkhairane Navi Mumbai. 8th child care Centre is also in the pipeline in one of the premiere bank’s staff quarters in the heart of the city. Out of the present 6 centres, 4 are in Public Sector Undertakings staff quarters, which also shows that government is ready to support efforts directed to the good cause of society.

The centres are aptly known as ‘Amache Ghar’, which in Marathi means ‘My Own Home’. Right from 1989 till date, Amache Ghar is striving its best to give the children a feeling that it is not a day-care centre but ‘home of their own’. The homely ambience and motherly attitude of all the staff members goes a long way in achieving this.  To relieve the female parents from the tedious and ever-innovative task of making breakfast & school-Tiffin, Amache Ghar provides the afternoon meal and morning-evening breakfast with a glass of milk to every child in the centre.  The centre staff also gets the same food. Children and staff get the feeling of one-ness when they all have same food together, keeping aside their different cultural, religious, linguistic, regional backgrounds. The diet chart is designed, displayed and changed periodically in consultation with parents and children. The basic principle behind the diet-chart is nutrition & needs of the growing children, keeping aside of course the tastes and habits. The Centres also take care of the playing and academic needs of the children.  Toys for all age-groups and books in English/Hindi/Marathi are available for the children.  A first aid box for unforeseen emergencies is also present at every centre.

All this is managed by trained staff at all the centres. A co-ordinator is the common link for maintaining uniformity amongst all the centres.  The staff works in two shifts as the centres are open from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. Stree Mukti Sanghatana along with SNDT Womens’ University is in the process of chalking out a training programme for women desirous of working at any such Child-care centres. This training programme would talk about the emotional and intellectual needs of the growing children along with their day-to-day needs.

We firmly believe that Child-care does not mean merely physical care but overall personality development of every child in the absence of parents.

Features of our Day Care Centers:

1. Individual attention
2. Trained staff
3. Balanced nutritious diet
4. Number of toys and books
5. Skills training and activities in vacation
6. Interaction with parents
7. On-the-job training for staff

Day Care Centres in MUMBAI


Aamche Ghar,
104 / Manisha Building , Rishi Complex,
Holy Cross Road, .I.C. . colony,
Borivali (W), Mumbai 400103,  Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 22 28905002
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8 am – 7.30 pm


Aamche Ghar, 
218/5841, I. D. B. I. Staff Quarters,
Odean Cinema Theatre Lane,
Ram Narayan Narkar Road, Pant Nagar,
Ghatkopar(E), Mumbai 400075,
Tel: +91 22 25147682
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 7.30 am – 7.30 pm


Aamche Ghar,
A2-13, satsang complex , Upper Govind Nagar,
Malad (E.), Mumbai 400097, Maharashtra, India
Tel : +91 22 28775339
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 7.30 am – 7.30 pm


Aamche Ghar,
SEEPZ Special Economic Zone Andheri (East),
Mumbai 400 096.
Tel: +91 22 28292538
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8 am – 8 pm


Aamche Ghar,
K-122/124, R.B.I. Staff Quarters,
Behind Maratha Mandir, Mumbai Central, Mumbai
Tel: +91 22 23097316.
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8 am – 8 pm


Day Care Centres in NAVI MUMBAI


Aamche Ghar,
Above Shop No: 25/28,
Market, Sector 1, C.B.D Belapur,
Navi Mumbai 400614, Maharashtra, India
Tel: +91 22 27560921
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8 am – 7.30 pm


Aamche Ghar, 
1, C-6/4,Sagar Aptts.,Sector 4,
C.B.D Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400614,
Tel: +91 22 27560922
Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8 am – 7.30 pm

Contact Persons

• Neelima Deshpande Tel: +91 9892691378
• Vrushali Damle  Tel: +91 9819548363

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