Family Counseling Center

The first counseling center for distressed women was established in 1985. At present SMS has 10 counseling centers for distressed women in 7 districts of Maharashtra.


  • To mitigate and prevent:
    • Domestic violence
    • Societal violence
    • State violence
  • To develop ideological explanation, interpretations and proper perspective on the issue of violence.
  • To help individual victims in their personal problems.
  • To advocate self-reliance among women and to create a feeling of sisterhood among women.
  • To lend support to other women’s organizations doing similar work.
  • To advocate and practice social intervention in grave cases of beating and harassment of women and children.
  • To give vocational guidance and procure employment for needy women if possible.
  • To refer the cases of temporary shelter to other organizations having the facility of shelter.
  • To work towards empowerment of women.
  • To train activists in counseling skills.
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