Since 1975 Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS) has worked to empower women by creating awareness about equality, gender justice, development and peace.

SMS is dedicated to women’s emancipation by both assisting with individual struggle and a collective struggle for attitudinal changes in society.

With empowerment of women as its primary focus SMS offers consultancy services and training. 

Jidnyasa (Curiosity) is our project which offers solutions to the questions adolescents have about their body, their physiological and psychology, the stress that they face, and help them understand their raging hormones. On the threshold of adulthood, these in-between years are difficult for all, but especially more so for those from broken or violent families. We provide a platform to openly discuss stress, morality, gender equality, gender sensitivity, sex, sexuality, career options and future plans.

Training Of Trainers On The Following Six Modules

We offer training to teachers / parents / volunteers on the following six modules focused on the holistic development of all teenagers:

  1. Adolescent age
  2. Stress management
  3. Value education
  4. Career guidance
  5. De-addiction
  6. Sexuality education

Talk to us about our consultancy/ training of trainers services for Jidnyasa with our team at 07722039851

Parisar Vikas or Neighbourhood Development is our endeavour to create a clean, green and eco-friendly waste management system. Our experienced, trained and expert waste managers provide cost effective and practical solutions to waste management including waste management at source, awareness, training, facilitation and supervision.

Our Zero Waste Campus is a runaway success at over 100 sites where we provide energy efficient, cost effective, labour friendly, sustainable and environmentally sound waste management solutions.

We offer consultancy on:

  • Waste Reduction and Reuse at source
  • Waste Management Solutions for Individual Households
  • Waste Management Solutions for Housing Societies and Large Communities
  • Waste Management for Corporates/Hospitals/Colleges/Schools
  • E-waste Management

Talk to us about our consultancy services for waste management with our team at 022 25274588

Premarital Workshop  is our interactive session with young men and women on the threshold of marriage, or those who have recently married. The workshop focuses on the varied adjustments that need to be made after marriage by the couple and the importance of open communication to avoid miscommunication.

Four Modules covered in this workshop over 3 days are

  1. Gender Sensitivity and Equality
  2. Choosing your Life Partner
  3. Marital Adjustment
  4. Sex Education

Talk to us about our conducting this workshop with our team at 022 25297198

Tejaswini is our interactive 2 days session with adolescent boys and girls. Awareness one’s own body, dealing with the adolescent age and few of the topics covered in this session

The modules covered here are:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Body Literacy
  3. Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Friendship
  5. Hobbies
  6. Physical activities

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Vocational Training for Waste Picker Women

SMS offers two different types of vocational training for waster picker women.

  1. 90 hours part-time training where we teach the women finer details of cleaning, sweeping, composting and gardening.
  2. 30 days on-the-job training where the women are taught fine sorting of dry waste, and running cooperative scrap stores for selling this dry waste

Talk to us for more details for running this session in your schools/communities with our team at 022………..

Leadership Training

There are numerous Self Help Groups (SHGs) associated with SMS. These SHGs for Federations and while being afficalted with SMS also function as separate entities. 25 SHGs form a federation. Today there are 3 such federations associated with SMS

We offer life skills and leadership training for all women in the Self Help Groups which help them face the challenges in life and work

Talk to us for more details for running this session in your communities with our team at 022………..