Since 1975 Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS) has worked to empower women by creating awareness about equality, gender justice, development and peace. SMS is an autonomous body with no political affiliations.  It has staff and volunteers from all walks of life – students, doctors, housewives, teachers irrespective of religion, caste, or class.

SMS is dedicated to women’s emancipation by both assisting with individual struggle and a collective struggle for attitudinal changes in society. We are connected with all efforts, wherever they are fighting inequality, injustice.


SMS strives to create a gender just world by improving the lives of women through education, awareness, healthcare, and opportunities for livelihood.

Our vision is eradication of poverty and violence, and creation of a conducive atmosphere for equality

Aims and Objectives

  • Economic independence
  • Social emancipation from the patriarchal values and traditions such as dowry, prostitution, devdasi system, child marriage, all kinds of violence including domestic violence
  • In order to create a violence free world women need to participate in the political processes, institutions, systems and develop the art of governance
  • In order to be free from patriarchal values and systems, which have created this culture, we have to critically look into the religious tenets, literature and other cultural manifestations which reflect the present understanding of women as an object of lust
  • In order to come out of mental oppression which leads to acceptance of violence, women need to take interest beyond kith and kin and family and understand the affairs of the world for decision making


Indian constitution and various laws made by the Indian government envisage equal rights and equal status to all citizens, irrespective of religion, caste, class, creed, and gender. However the women in practical life do not enjoy the same rights and status. Women are subjected to oppression (economic, social, political, cultural and mental).
We believe that we have to create an environment conducive to liberate women from the aforesaid subjugation. We also believe that women’s emancipation can be realized only through the emancipation of society as a whole.

Women will have to fight at 3 levels:

  1. Personal ideological struggle
  2. Personal change in day to day life
  3. Community struggle

In order to prepare the women for this struggle we have to organize the various kinds of movements. We believe that we have to participate and cooperate with all the efforts related to eradication of all kinds of inequality. We are of the firm opinion that in order to realize the aims and objectives, we have to:

  1.  Study the historical process of the subjugation of women
  2.  Organize women and make them aware of their rights
  3.  Empower women to come out of the oppressive situations

Create a violence free world based on equality, social justice, development, and peace.


  • Registration under Charity commission and Society Act
  • Niti Ayog
  • Social Audit Certificate for FCC


  • 80 G
  • 12A
  • FCRA