Board of Trustees

Jyoti Mhapsekar


The ever smiling Jyoti is the heart of the organization.  A professional librarian she is one of the founding members of SMS. An internationally acclaimed playwright she is the author of the play “Mulagi Zali Ho” and many other plays. After taking voluntary retirement as librarian from a renowned college in 2001 she devoted all her energies in organising 5000 waste pickers in self help groups in the Parisar Vikas (Neighbourhood development) program which has trained 1000+ members in Composting and Biomethanation and other alternate skills. Parisar Vikas  has 3 Federations and 10 Cooperatives affiliated with it.

She has received numerous awards including the President’s Award “Nari Shakti Puraskar” for her contribution to women’s movement.

Sharada Sathe


The intellectual powerhouse of the organization, Sharada is one of the founding members and a leading personality of SMS. An ardent believer in justice and equality, she started her career as a labour lawyer and since 1985 has devoted all her time and energy to SMS and Women’s Cause. She is the Chief Editor of SMS Magazine Prerak Lalkari (Clarion Call) since its inception in 1986. She has served as a member on the First Women’s Commission appointed by Government of Maharashtra from 1991 to 1994.

A vivid and all encompassing writer she contributes articles to several newspapers and magazines. She has received several awards for her contribution to Women’s Movement and Literature.

Amol Kerkar


Amol is one of the Founding members of Stree Mukti Sanghatana and serves as organization’s Vice President. She is on the editorial Board of SMS Magazine Prerak Lalkari (Clarion Call) since 1986 and has contributed several articles for the same. She is also on the coordination committee of Family Counseling Centers and contributes to the theoretical discussions in formulating various policies of SMS. Amol has also written booklet on Women, Science and technology. She retired as an officer in Reserve Bank of India.

Nilima Deshpande

Joint Secretary

Neelima Deshpande is also one of the Founding members of Stree Mukti Sanghatana and serves as organization’s Joint Secretary. She is on the Coordination Committee of SMS Adolescent Sensitization Program and Day Care Centers for many years. She retired as a technician from Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

Yogini Raul


A poet-activist, Yogini Raul joined SMS after being inspired by the play Mulagi Zali Ho in 1985. Since then she has participated in numerous plays performed by SMS. She is on the editorial Board of SMS Magazine Prerak Lalkari (Clarion Call) and has contributed several articles not only in the magazine but also in various other newspapers and magazines. Her collection of poem has been highly acclaimed. She has taken voluntary retirement as manager from I.D.B.I. Bank and is devoting her time as editorial member of Lalkari and the administration of SMS.

Mrinalini Sathe


The analytical and focused member of the organization, Mrinal has been associated with SMS since 1979. She had been an active member of the cultural troupe and was part of the “Yatra” (awareness campaign) conducted from 1985 to 2000 to create awareness and educate the masses on gender sensitivity and equality.

A passionate advocate of women’s rights, she is the author of a booklet on women’s issues published by SMS. A retired zoology professor from a renowned college in Mumbai, she has been a keen participant in every activity of the organization

Jayashree Pandit


The spry, enchanting and evergreen Jayashree was one of the first counselors in the Family Counseling Center. With a Master of Social Work degree from TISS in 1969, her special focus was on Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. She was associated with KEM Hospital and Thane Mental Hospital as a social worker.

From 1986 she has been a volunteer with SMS. Not only does she continue to counsel clients who walk in to the counseling centers, she also acts as a mentor and guide to all the other Family Counseling Centers of SMS. She is the role model for many young counselors who look up to her for advice and her cool professionalism legendary in the field.

Dr. Karuna Gokhale


An expert in Russian language, Karuna holds a PhD in Linguistics from Alberta University, Canada. A lecturer by profession she has been an active member of SMS since 1990, and has conducted numerous workshops on various issues related to women’s empowerment.

She is the author of “Shubha Mangala pun Savadhan” a book on pre-marriage counseling and “Baimanus” an introduction to feminism. The book “Baimanus” has won Dr. B.L.Bhole Vaicharik Sahitya Puraskar and Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya Puraskar in 2010.

She has translated 7 highly intellectual books on living a good life, faith, patriarchy and feminism from English to Marathi and opened the doors to world literature to various Marathi speaking households.

Vrushali Magdum


A renowned story writer and retired lecturer, Vrushali is at ease, whether in the community or at various organizations in Navi Mumbai. A multifaceted personality with numerous awards to her credit, she is the editorial member of “Prerak Lalkari” – the mouth piece of SMS.

Under her leadership, 550 rag pickers were organized in 43 saving groups. She is a member of various ICCs (Internal Complaints Committee) of over 10 government and private organizations and is a member of the advisory committee, PCPNDT (Pre-Conception pre natal diagnostic Technique), NMMC Health Department – since 2000.

Maya Kabre


Maya Kabre joined SMS in 1982 and has been participating in several activities of SMS since then. She is member of the coordination committee in Navi Mumbai branch of SMS and devotes her time in Family Counseling Center. She has taken voluntary retirement from her job as an Assistant librarian from a renowned college in Navi Mumbai.

Executive Committee

Shobha Kokitkar


Sunita Patil


Vrushali Damle


Nisha Bandekar


Alka Pawangadkar


Sunita Sadafule


Ujjwala Tawade


Rajesh Kolmbkar


Karuna Ghate


Sangeeta Saraf


Sonali Damle


Nilambari Dongre


Note: All trustees are part of executive committee.